OPERATION RIBA's motions World's first robot that can lift up a human in its arms


RIBA responds to operator's voices such as "Hello" and "Good-bye".

Greeting Movie

Shaking Hand

When the operator says, "Let's shake hands", RIBA stretches out its hand. After the operator grasps the hand, RIBA detects contact using its hand sensor and starts to shake hands.

Shaking hands Movie

Lifting Up

Lifting up motion is evoked by the operator's voice command. The motion is adjusted and suspended or resumed by touching on RIBAfs tactile sensors.

Lifting up Movie

Controlling Position by Touching

RIBAfs position can be controlled by touching on its tactile sensors. Its base has omni-directional wheels and can move in any direction.

Controlling position by touching Movie

Transfer From a Bed to a Wheelchair

RIBA can lift up a human in its arms from a bed and lift down to a wheelchair. Contact on tactile sensors is used to adjust these motions.

Transfer from a bed to a wheel Movie

Transfer From a Wheelchair to a Bed

RIBA can lift up a human from a wheelchair and lift down to a bed. These functions greatly reduce the physical strain on the care worker.

Transfer from a wheelchair to a bed Movie