World's first robot that can lift up a human in its arms

RIKEN-TRI Collaboration Center for Human-Interactive Robot Research(RTC), established as a joint collaboration project by RIKEN and Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. (TRI), has developed a nursing-care assistant robot named RIBA (Robot for Interactive Body Assistance). RIBA is the first robot that can lift up or set down a real human from or to a bed or wheelchair. RIBA does this using its very strong human-like arms and by novel tactile guidance methods using high-accuracy tactile sensors. RIBA was developed by integrating RIKEN's control, sensor, and information processing and TRI's material and structural design technologies.

Toward soft robots that can work in nursing-care situations

  • Lifting up from a bed

  • Transfer from a bed
    to a wheelchair

  • Transfer from a
    wheelchair to a bed

  • Joint angle control
    by touching