Shape Recovery from an Image Sequence and a Gyro Sensor

Our study is the recovery of 3D shape from an image sequence. For example, your favorite building can be reconstructed and seen from a new viewpoint in a computer. In order to improve accuracy, we attached an acceleration-gyro sensor to the camera and used sensor fusion technique.

Please see slides for explanation in English or in Japanese (0.9MBytes).

Please see our demo movie (5.4MBytes, mpeg format).


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  2. Toshiharu Mukai and Noboru Ohnishi: "Sensor Fusion of a CCD Camera and an Acceleration-Gyro Sensor for the Recovery of Three-Dimensional Shape and Scale," Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION'99), pp.221-228, California, USA, July 6-8, 1999. PostScript file (gzipped, 486Kbytes)
Our sensor system consists of the CCD camera and the acceleration-gyro sensor

An image from the original image sequence

The recovered structure seen from a new viewpoint